Black Friday on Monday?!

I gave myself a little gift today. I woke up with a killer headache and I was dreading the day full of appointments feeling this way. The appointments weren't client meetings, but they were all important to keep things moving forward. Before 8am I had cancelled it all. Honestly, I think they were relieved too. Especially the meeting with the electrician who is in hot demand before the holidays. Instead of overbooking myself and running myself ragged I decided it was time for a day of thinking and planning and working where it’s quiet. I’ll be able to join the conference call that I was previously going to miss and I’m able to stop and catch up with the blog and the online shop. Tonight the craziness starts with the kids’ holiday show at school. 

If you haven’t seen our 2018 Calendar yet, jump over and grab one! Give yourself a little Black Friday gift this chilly Monday too.