Must See: The Cooper Hewitt's Immersion Rooom

The Cooper Hewitt's Immersion Room

The Cooper Hewitt's Immersion Room

This is such a cool idea that I'm blogging about it without having experienced it yet! I have spent lots of time at the Cooper Hewitt on 91st Street. We had talks there in grad school. I've attend the annual design awards and been to several ISDA functions. It's a great space and I can only imagine what it was like as a family home (that backyard in Manhattan?!).  

So cudos to the brilliant curator who came up with the idea to use Margaret Hewitt's former bedroom as an immersion room to experience the museums wallpaper collection! 

As a surface pattern designer I frequently want to see my work in context. Usually this means Photoshop mock-ups. Labor intensive and still small scale, but they do the trick. The idea that a visitor can use the museum's pen tool to select OR create a pattern to project on the walls is great! The Cooper Hewitt web site says that the founders wanted the museum to remain "an exploratory lab" and this really and truly does that. 

Next stop, New York. If you're in New York get to the Cooper Hewitt. Let me know what you think.