Book Review: Designing Textiles for the Fashion Industry by Michelle Fifis

I just downloaded and read a copy of Michelle Fifis' new book, “Designing Textiles for the Fashion Industry”. Michelle runs the popular blog Pattern Observer and is a successful textile designer with both corporate and entrepreneurial experience. 

Despite my design background, my years in interior design and my degree in industrial design I find so much of what Michelle and the Textile Design Lab offer of invaluable. This book is no exception. If you’re thinking of pursuing textile design for fashion or are just starting out, this book is a great resource. It’s also super helpful if you’re thinking of joining the Textile Design Lab and want a taste of some of the “behind the scenes” courses and resources. Michelle has a writing style that’s very easy to read. If you’ve had the opportunity to hear her narrate any of her online courses you know that she delivers complex, technical information in a calming, direct and clear manner. That same tone comes through in her writing. It’s an easy read, but one you’ll want to keep in your library to go back to again and again.

It’s got lots of “light bulb moment” tips. One of my favorite is about working with trendy colors. I love color and I know it’s important to incorporate colors that are current and on-trend, but I have struggled with an incorporating an entire palette pulled from seasonal color. Michelle suggests, “I will (also) pull one trendy color out of a popular palette and pair it with more tonal and subdued colors.”. I’ve done this subconsciously because it just works, but I’ve never put it into words before. Ah-ha. Working through color issues will be easier in the future because this will be a go-to strategy when things aren’t clicking. 

I really enjoyed reading “Designing Textiles for the Fashion Industry” and I’m happy to have it in my library. The Kindle version is out now and the print version will come later in the year. At just $7.99 it’s a great value, particularly for those that want to learn more about the fashion industry. You can find the book here or by clicking on the image above. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!