Refresh: Top Product Picks For A Chic Desk

Now that the days are getting lovely and longer it feels like a great time to refresh. I took some time a few weeks ago to make my desk feel lighter, brighter, and more inspiring. I still have some organizing to do, but this is a great start. After 9 years in this space it’s such a great feeling. 

I've only just started to make a few changes in the studio. The coming weeks will bring even more rearranging and making our space feel fresh again. I thought I'd share a few links to some of my favorite products when refreshing your desk for spring.

1. I keep my special pens in this cookie tin from Yoku Moku. I have always love the color and the design. I got mine almost 20 years ago but the cookies inside are so good that they still sell them. Enjoy the cookies, then put the tin to good use on your desk.

My Yoku Moku box 20 years later I still love it

My Yoku Moku box 20 years later I still love it


2. Every desk needs a tray. We will be coming out with a line of our own trays next month, but in the meantime, pick up a great basic tray in your favorite color at West Elm.


3. Need a desk? You can get creative and use what you've got around the house, but I prefer to start with a nice clean and simple space. I've recommended this to our interiors clients more than once. It's a simple, well designed white desk from West Elm.


4. I've had an ultra comfy Aeron chair for the last 10 years, but I have my eye on one of these Eames Chairs since I used one in my design firm job. You can find one here at Hive Modern.


If you don't want to spring for the real deal, there are many who have knocked off this look over the years.

5. Need to stay on track? As much as I love my iphone, I still like to have a paper calendar to frame my week. We will be offering our designs on May Designs notebooks in our shop later this month. In the meantime, check out May Designs for some fun shibori designs which are a huge trend right now.


Looking for more inspiration? Follow our Pinterest board Atelier BC where we pin inspiring studio spaces. We will also be featuring profiles of some of our favorite work spaces and the people who work in them in the months to come.