Music At Work

Add music, lower stress.

Back when I worked in a large design consultancy everything was wide open. We worked in big rooms and had lots of sunlight and collaboration. It's pretty common now for open format office space, but 15-20 years ago it was more on the innovative side. The one thing that was almost always present in the studio was music. I swear, I listened to every single version of The Girl From Ipanema during those years. Someone who sat near the stereo system (no blue tooth music in the 90's) really loved that song. Everyone generally agreed on the music but we kept it within bounds and work conducive. It made for a happy, upbeat environment. You may not be able to convince your boss or your significant other if you share a home work space, but that's what headphones are for!

Crank up the music and breathe... for some suggestions, try our work playlist on Spotify.