Seeing With Fresh Eyes

With the turn of a page our perspective changes. The mere flip from December to January and remembering to end our year with a “7” instead of a “6” but somehow it helps us to see with fresh eyes. We take stock of the year past (if we’re smart) and we start to look forward to all of the hope the new year brings.

2016 was a little bit different for me. I started to tune in to how I wanted to feel versus the numbers of what I want to achieve. Sure, it’s important to have numbers. I know the exact number of pounds I’d like to lose and how much money we need to make. Believe me, I know. Instead of writing the usual list and staring at it while the weeks ticked by I used a different system to start thinking about my year. (Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map). While it’s a little bit new-agy in certain ways, it helped me get that fresh set of eyes I needed. It’s a whole system and I’m not here to plug it or write a review, but I will tell that it has changed how I have started approaching my goals, both work and personal.

I tapped into how I wanted to feel on a daily basis and stayed tuned into those feelings. For example, I wanted to be stronger and more fit (and lose weight) so for the first six months I kept writing that this aspect wasn’t clicking. I kept naming it and calling it out instead of sweeping it under the rug until another January rolled around. After a few dud trainers I finally found the gym I’ve been looking for since I moved here 14 years ago. They’ve only been open a little over a year, but I found them. And I can honestly say that I’m stronger, fitter and closer to my "number goal". By 35 pounds! I honestly believe that keeping the feeling of being strong and fit at the front of my mind made a difference in me taking action.

I also found that a surroundings refresh helped too. Switching up the artwork, changing the organizational stuff that wasn’t working, and making small daily changes helped me to change the way I think and what I do. Little stuff like getting a little dish that I found pretty and using it for vitamins on my nightstand. Moving the pillows. Changing my phone case. This way the change is outside of me and seeing it reminds me of the way I want to feel and what I want to move towards. When I’m in touch with how I want to feel, my days weeks and months suddenly add up to something great.

What do you do to stay tuned-in to how you want to feel and how you want your life to work? Reach out and let us know what you do to see with fresh eyes. Happy 2017!