The Magic of Evernote

Desperate texts at the last minute... we've all gotten them and we've probably all sent them:

"Do you know what time Timmy's party is?"

"Can you tell me the paint color in my foyer? My painter mixed up the cans!"

Whatever the text or request, work, kiddos, or even our recent trip to New York, I organize it all in Evernote. Between my phone and Evernote every email, party invite, or school info sheet that comes home is always at my fingertips. It's magical. If you think you need an assistant to run your life, start with Evernote and then re-evaluate.

Part of my style of working is staying organized. While many people just use Evernote as a web clipper (and you can do that) it's got a lot more power than that. I consider it my virtual filing cabinet that is accessible from anywhere I have my phone, ipad, or a computer. I organize by notebook and use a lot of tags within notebooks should I not remember where something is filed. I have simple systems and templates set up for my basic tasks. There are a ton of great resources out there to organize Evernote so it works for you.

I'm not a paid affiliate for Evernote at all. I'm just a super happy user. You can get a free version or a paid version. It feels good to be able to answer things quickly and all of the other school Moms give me way more credit than I deserve. I keep telling them "just get Evernote"....