Book Review: Together is Better by Simon Sinek

February is the month of love. Love is really about connecting with people in all different situations. I found this sweet little gem of a book that nicely sums up why connecting with others and working together is better than working alone. While it’s technically a business book, I look at it as a “life book". If you’re anything like me, you take a stack of work home at night with the best intentions and then life happens and you carry it back to work, nearly untouched, the next morning. Sound familiar? It’s time to leave the stack of work on your desk. Make an emotional disconnect from the day and go do something fun with the team at home.

My friend Trisha uses guided meditations on her iPhone. She told me she gets to school 15 minutes before pick up time and uses the time to go through a meditation. The time helps her to decompress from the stresses of work and make an easy transition to home. Being home is one thing, but actually being present with your family is another. Your direct and present attention is the greatest gift you can give to those you love. Pick up a copy of Together is Better and apply some of the principles of this little “business" book to an evening with your family. It’s a short month— only 28 days. Give it a try.