What Is Everyone Else Ignoring?

What is everyone else ignoring? Clint sent me an email from a fine art website that posed this question. As we constantly try to keep speed with the unimaginable overload that is technology and social media I find myself asking the same question. When trying to decide where we want to be from a marketing standpoint I wonder: "What is everyone else ignoring?". Each other, it turns out.  In addition, a lot of great opportunities.

We are a small business in every sense of the word. We don't have a giant staff of junior designers and interns to delegate to when it comes to social media tasks. We could if we so desired, but is a part-time or freelance employee really the best person to be the face of my business? In addition, we find that while it's important to be present and accounted for on the main platforms, we also feel that it's important to develop relationships, serve our clients, and find unusual ways of becoming known to the right people.

We are creative. If we use our creativity to our advantage instead of using it as a calling card that says "I can't sell myself or figure out technology" we'd be a lot better off. I know there is a stereotype that creative people can't run a business and it's true that there are a bunch of vultures out there capitalizing on our insecurities. A monthly subscription to your "business therapy club"? No, thanks. Do all creative people look freaked out when people start talking about business? I don't think so and I highly doubt I'm alone on this one. If creating a club, making an e-course, and selling white-papers is your thing, jump on the bandwagon.

I try to be aware of what's out there and the small bit that I've "dipped my foot in the pool" has been horrifying. I talked to one company that clearly had multiple systems (CMS) in place to follow-up, send emails at the right time, and act as though they had a personal touch. I even got a call from the guy pictured on the web site (yeah, right) who left a message telling me that my SEO would be a lot better if I had a blog on my website. Hello? Is this thing on? I had to call him back and tell him that if he had done his research (one more click) or really cared about Bova Creative he would have seen that we DO have a blog. It's just not called "BLOG" in bright red letters. I don't care if calling it blog and making it red would get me an extra 250 visitors a month. More than likely they aren't the right 250 visitors. While I might have listened to him if he hadn't had misinformation, his system failed. I dismissed his pitch out of hand. Why? He is ignoring the obvious, the people behind the web sites and the Facebook accounts. He is not the only one. We've totally lost touch in this world.

So the initial question... what is everyone else ignoring? We are ignoring each other. We prefer to learn more about you, your company, how you operate and how we can help you make what you do genuinely better. We want to make products that matter and things that you want to keep and collect. If our audience grows it's going to be because we've done the basic marketing things right and we operate with authenticity. I can't imagine doing it any other way.